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Executive Principal’s Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the Kowloon Learning Campus (KLC) website.   In May 2015 the ESF Board agreed to establish the KLC as a pilot project for two years.   The opportunity we have is unusual in three distinctive ways:

  1. The KLC involves the voluntary coming together under one umbrella of three very successful individual schools (Jockey Club Sarah Roe School (JCSRS), Kowloon Junior School (KJS), and King George V School (KGV)) in the interests of a seemless transition for the students we serve
  2. The KLC involves the managed inclusion of JCSR students,many of whom have significant learning needs, in two mainstream international schools
  3. The KLC has a wider responsibility particularly to Beacon Hill School (BHS) and Clearwater Bay School (CWBS) from which many students transfer to KGV.  We want to ensure that the best practice developed on the campus spreads across the wider educational community

During the early months we have been finalising a series of Key Performance Indicators which have become known as our 7 Goals.   These goals are framing our actions during the pilot phase.

Goal 1:     Curriculum continuity

Goal 2:        Teacher collaboration

Goal 3:        Access and Inclusion

Goal 4:        Student support

Goal 5:        Facilities and resources

Goal 6:        Learning Technology

Goal 7:        Lifelong Learning

As we make progress on this extensive agenda we will be reporting back to the KLC community and ESF.   This website will be an important tool for this communication so we will regularly be updating it to demonstrate the progress we are making.

We are delighted with feedback whether you are a member of our community or an interested observer so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,


Ed Wickins