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Kowloon Learning Campus Council

Mr. Mike Hudson – Chairman of Kowloon Learning Campus Council & Kowloon Junior School Council
Ms. Belinda Greer – Chief Executive Officer of English Schools Foundation
Mr. Ed Wickins – Executive Principal of Kowloon Learning Campus
Mr. Neville Shroff – Chairman of King George V School
Ms. Virginia Morris – Chairwoman of Jockey Club Sarah Roe School
Mr. Malcolm Keys – Chairman of Beacon Hill School
Ms. Karin Wetselaar – Principal of Jockey Club Sarah Roe School
Ms. Vivian Cheung – Chief Finance Officer of English Schools Foundation

Terms of Reference for the Kowloon Learning Campus Council

(Agreed, August 27th 2015)

These terms of reference are written to support the principles of ESF Governance as outlined in the ESF Handbook for School Councillors.

The functions of the Kowloon Learning Campus (KLC) Council (2015-2017) will be:

  • To evaluate progress against the published KLC Key Performance Indicators (7 goals)
  • To coordinate and represent the views of the KLC community to the ESF Board
  • To participate in the professional reflection and development of the KLC Executive Principal
  • To oversee KLC accounts
  • If the ESF Board confirms the KLC as a permanent arrangement for 2017 the KLC Council will further:
  • Contribute to the establishment of new terms of reference to support the governance arrangements of the three schools within ESF
  • Take an active role in the establishment of a permanent leadership structure for the KLC and participate in the appointment of a permanent Executive Principal if required

The Kowloon Learning Campus Council will consist of:

  • The School Council Chairs of JCSRS, KGV, KJS (3)
  • The School Council Chair of either Beacon Hill School or Clearwater Bay School (1)
  • The Chief Executive Officer of ESF and the Chief Financial Officer (2)
  • The Executive Principal and the Principal of JCSRS (2)
  • Other members of the community as required

The Chair shall be one of the School Council Chairs from the three schools (elected at the first meeting)

Meetings will be served by the Executive Officer who will keep and distribute minutes

Each meeting will include the following agenda items:

  • Minutes of previous meetings and matters arising
  • Consideration of a report by the KLC Executive Principal on progress against KLC goals
  • Consideration of future KLC plans to meet goals