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Kowloon Learning Campus

Proposal to ESF Board, May 2015

The ESF follows a traditional school structure of separate primary and secondary schools with the exception of Renaissance College and Discovery College which are all-through schools. An all through school has one principal who leads and manages both the primary and secondary schools within the same building or groups of buildings.

New approaches to learning and technological advances are moving learning beyond the

classroom. Having 21 schools in Hong Kong puts ESF in a unique position to develop models of learning focused on greater personalisation to meet the individual needs of students. This means that we will increasingly look for opportunities to work across our schools and to develop further partnerships with colleges. We need to adapt our school structures to meet our students’ learning needs as opposed to adapting students’ learning to fit in with school structures.

An opportunity to develop closer working across three schools has arisen.

Kowloon Junior School (KJS), King George V School (KGV) and Jockey Club Sarah Roe School (JCSRS) occupy adjoining sites in Kowloon. The proposal is that they work much more closely together across their shared campus to enhance the learning experience of all students from August 2015. This is what is meant by a learning campus.

The schools will retain their own name and core identity. The campus development will build on the strengths of each of the schools by aligning values, learning priorities and resource use. The learning campus will establish a new way of working across the three schools and the impact of this on students’ learning experiences will be kept under review. There will be no change made to the schools that would prevent us reverting back to three separate schools if the outcomes are not as expected.

The opportunity to develop a learning campus across the three schools presents itself with the departure of the principal of KJS. The principal of KGV will become the executive principal of the learning campus and JCSRS will retain their principal. New appointments, head of primary and head of secondary will be made to the leadership and management structure across the three schools. The new leadership arrangements will be in place for the new school year (2015/16).

To begin with, it is unlikely that much will change for the youngest students in KJS and the oldest year groups in KGV as we concentrate on the progression of students from primary to secondary and on developing integration of students from JCSRS. In time the links will deepen and extend so that all students benefit.

Although the links between KJS and KGV will strengthen there will still be space for new students to join KGV in Y7 from Clearwater Bay School (CWBS) and Beacon Hill School (BHS) in similar patterns of admission to recent years. We are confident that these schools will also benefit from the development of best practice in Kowloon.