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Reports to KLC Council

Report of the Executive Principal to the Kowloon Learning Campus Council meeting on November 17th 2015

1   Updated Action Plan

We will provide printed copies of the latest version of the action plan.   This is updated regularly and serves as a record of the progress we are making.   We will discuss this during the meeting.

2   Establishing a collaborative culture

Apart from the formal action points in the plan, we have also been developing a new culture by breaking down barriers between schools and building new relationships.   At a senior level, I meet with school leaders weekly for informal discussions and this has developed my understanding of the three schools and allowed me to facilitate networks. I have been delighted to hear about similar relationships developing between colleagues in all levels of the Campus.   The two formal staff INSET opportunities (Sept 11th and Nov 9th) have served the dual purpose of focusing efforts on actions, and developing mutual understanding and trust.

We will need to find ways to reflect these cultural changes to the ESF Board when the time comes.

3   Reports to the three school communities

3.1    September Report (attached as Appendix B)
3.2    October Report

It has been a delight for me to spend time in KGV’s partner schools in the Kowloon Learning Campus over the past few weeks.   I am constantly reminded of how much schools can learn from each other and how all students benefit from such conversations.   So I could dedicate this brief report to updating you about progress against our targets, the developing website, the excellent joint CPD day activities etc. or I could share some recent stories that illustrate what is now happening.  Last Friday I joined a KJS presentation about how teacher performance management is changing as a result of “coaching” which is supported by their links with KGV, then went to a workshop led by a JCSRS teacher about improving the communication skills of students through the use of a simple app on an iPad. I bumped into this teacher at lunch yesterday and she told me that she is meeting Mr McIntyre to talk about how the same programme could be used to improve grammar skills at the IB Diploma.  This morning I went to visit the LRC to talk to two KJS students who now use KGV’s LRC on a weekly basis to access our books.  I was told that yesterday the KGV and KJS literacy coordinators were planning actions across the two schools.   I opened an email from a JCSRS colleague expressing delight about the new choir KGV is helping to establish and had a conversation about how the two schools are cooperating across a range of subjects on the inclusion agenda.  This afternoon the Leadership Team of KLC is meeting to talk about “teacher collaboration” and how we can use it to focus on what will really make a difference for students across the campus.   So there is plenty going on and much to admire as the new working relationships establish themselves across the campus.

3.3    November Report


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words so let me paint a picture of what happened to me on Wednesday afternoon.   You can draw your own conclusions about how the KLC is developing.  I accompanied Ms Wetselaar as she showed Mr Busbridge’s  (KGV DT teacher) IB Diploma class around JCSRS. They were looking at the design challenges posed by people with physical disabilities.   During the tour we looked at wall bars, hoists, lighting refinements, the hydro-therapy pool and lingered with the music therapist as we were able to interrupt laser beams to make sounds and develop patterns.  The eyes of the KGV students were on stalks as they began to think in a different way about their environment and the diverse needs of our community.   As we walked around we bumped into Ms Murchie (KGV Head of Music) negotiating the details of her inclusion work with JCSRS students and finalising arrangements for the new JCSRS choir.  As we were about to finish, we also bumped into Ms Bridges (KJS LSC Leader) as she was working with Ms Banfield (JCSRS) across a wide range of initiatives between KJS and JCSRS.   At the end of school the KLC Leadership Team met to discuss how professional collaboration can be used to continue to enhance the student experience and share our thoughts on how we can develop a coordinated Homework Policy across the whole community (KGV, KJS, CWBS and BHS).   I look forward to many more days like Wednesday!

4   Website design and progress (

Please have a look at the website prior to the meeting so we can hear your views.

Ed Wickins, KLC Executive Principal                          November 5th 2015


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