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Review of the 2015/16 Goals

In  May  2015 we  agreed  7  goals  (Key  Performance Indicators) with associated actions:

  • Curriculum Continuity
  • Teacher Collaboration
  • Access and Inclusion
  • Student Support
  • Resources and Facilities
  • Learning Technology
  • Lifelong Learning

We now understand that teacher collaboration is the core methodology for everything we do. It is a method not an outcome and underpins our work. The remaining access issue is the construction of a bridge from KJS to KGV. Improving inclusion is a major ongoing priority for the KLC. There have been strides forward in student support particularly with the Y4 buddy programme. This will continue to develop and we should consider how we can begin to share what we have learnt with CWBS and BHS. With the re-structuring of Support Staff we are now able to plan resource and facility use centrally through the development of distinctive teams. The focus is on supporting these teams as they establish themselves and exploiting synergies. Learning Technology and ICT systems across the KLC should be one of the early successes in this process. In Lifelong Learning both the coaching initiative and the teacher training link with HKIEd have made promising starts and we will continue to focus on these developments.