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15 Jun 2016

We Are Here Assembly

Local artist Katherine Sparrow and filmmaker Polly McGovern are launching the independent multimedia art project “We Are Here” this month.

The project aims to raise awareness for approximately 11,000 refugees in Hong Kong, the majority of which wait for years to have their cases processed by the authorities without the right to legally work. The art works, photos and videos are the culmination of six months spent working closely with the refugee community in Hong Kong.

“We want to show that refugees can bring positive influences to Hong Kong and our images reflect this.” said Katherine.

“We should not forget that many asylum seekers are fleeing war torn countries and have had to endure immense suffering in their home lands. We have met lawyers, journalists, politicians and victims of torture. All they want is to be safe and allowed to start a new life.” said Polly.

“We Are Here” will launch at the Hive Studios in Kennedy Town on Thursday June 16th from 7-9:30pm.  Limited tickets are available at $200 per person and all proceeds with be donated to the refugee community. The participants of the project will attend and there will also be drumming performances from the refugee community.

Several thousand school children from the from the ESF Kowloon Learning Campus will show their support of the project through wearing masks and participating in a group photo to help raise awareness on World Refugee Day on June 20th.

For more details or you can email the organisers directly at